I've had a passion for music and entertaining since I've been a child. When I was younger, my parents and uncle owned a DJ business. I would go with to "help" setup for the gigs. Well, mostly stay out of trouble since I was only 5 years old!
My passionate for music continued into high school. I would DJ at different high school parties. It continued into college, DJing at my house parties. If there was a party I was attending, I would always come equipped with some type of music and player. I realized music is one main key to a successful party and people having fun.
It was during middle 2000's, that I was asked to DJ a couple different personal friends' weddings. I also was part of the wedding party, so it made it challenging, but fun! It was during that period, I realized that this was something that came easy to me and I enjoy! I realized that I should expand it further for other parties. 

I officially started the business in May 2015.
I've done multiple gigs at weddings, high school graduation parties, high school formal dances, corporate gatherings, personal parties, and bars. 

My partner is Jesse Schable. He has been a long time friend since grade school. Jesse has a great wealth of music knowledge and easily recognizes the flow of the party and guests.