-Bringing together years of performance experience.
- Music selections from the 40's through today. Well over 125,000 songs.
- My karaoke collection has 60,000 songs.
- Preparation for your wedding reception is of up most importance to me. It is my every intention to meet your needs regarding music and time for special dances. I work on a personal level with the client, to make sure that I follow a schedule of events for the evening. This makes the whole dance run smoothly. 
- At the event our DJs will greet you, stay in touch with you throughout the evening, coordinate events with your photographer and perform exactly as you expect them to… always remembering this is your event!
- On the spot requests from your guests, ensuring they get to dance to some of their favorites. Any song I do not have in my collection at time of request, is downloaded, and played at that same show. Love the internet!
- Professional appearance. My setup is done to please the eye. All wires and cords are hidden. My façade gives a very clean look.
- Full light show
-Cordless microphones for your use as needed.
- Different speakers are used depending on the size of room and guests. I have smaller and bigger setups. 
- Dressed in professional attire.
- We maintain and keep back up equipment of everything that is on the floor. In the rare case of equipment malfunction, backup is within reach to make the party continue flawlessly.
- Fully insured.